FDA Tax Portfolio


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Ticker Price Policy % Target % Delta % Target $ Actual $ Excess $ Target # Actual # Buys (sells)
[[security.ticker]] [[numberWithCommas(security.weight)]]% [[numberWithCommas(actualSecurityWeights[index])]]% [[numberWithCommas(differenceFromTarget[index])]]% $[[numberWithCommas(targetAmounts[index])]] $[[numberWithCommas(currentAmounts[index])]] $[[numberWithCommas(excessAmounts[index])]] [[numberWithCommas(roundDecimal(counts[index] - currentCountValues[index], 2))]]
Total [[numberWithCommas(sumOfTargetWeights)]]% [[numberWithCommas(allocationPercentTotal)]]% [[numberWithCommas(deltaTotal).toFixed(2)]]% $[[numberWithCommas(targetAmountTotal)]] $[[numberWithCommas(currentAmountTotal)]] $[[numberWithCommas(excessTotal)]]