An investment portfolio toolkit

PortfolioTree creates modern, fresh analytics that are customized to your portfolio.

  • Build

    • Add assets like ETFs, Mutual Funds, or Stocks
    • Embed portfolios in other portfolios as if they are assets
    • Use one of 6 different algorithmic policies such as equal risk contribution, inverse variance, and more
    • Customize policy settings like look-back period and rebalancing frequency
  • Analyze

    • Backtest portfolios with daily quote data
    • View returns, historical risk, correlation, risk contribution of each asset
    • Compare returns, risk, and tracking error of your portfolio versus a benchmark
    • See how asset weights have changed over history
    • Evaluate the risk and return of each asset versus the portfolio and see other possible outcomes from different weighting choices
    • Analyze exposures to customizable factors and compare factor return attribution of portfolio to benchmark
  • Implement

    • Quickly calculate how many shares of each asset to buy/sell to implement a favorite portfolio

Portfolio Tree Charts